Is Glenn from The Walking Dead Shortround from Indiana Jones?


Who saw this circulating on Facebook and thought “Mind! Blown!” Well… my mind went, “Uh… let me look into this.” So, I did.


Anyone who grew up, or even those born, in the 80s know who this guy is. Right? It’s Data from The Goonies! If you don’t know who he is, or of that movie, I suggest you run out and find it… NOW! It’s a classic for God’s sake! Do you know what else this cute little guy starred in?


That’s right. Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. I grew up with a father who LOVED Indiana Jones, so I remember Shortround all too well. I never did think too far into the stereotyping that lead to this role, but what child does?


Now, here is Steven Yeun or, as you may know him, Glenn from The Walking Dead. Sci-fi fans from near and far know who this character is, right? From the moment Rick is talking to a mysterious voice over his walkie-talkie until the moment Glenn is screwing the doctor’s daughter on their farm. The one who also discovers the secret in the barn.

So, who here thinks Glenn and Shortround are the same guy? If you do, you don’t know very much, or you’re just gullible.


Meet Jonathan Ke Quan. Does he look familiar to you? Not even a teensy bit? Because he should. This is the guy who plays Data and Shortround.

Did you really think a 30 year old played Shortround in 1984, then Data in 1985? Yeah, no. Talk about a child star. Steven would have been a year old in Indiana Jones.

You’re welcome.


13 thoughts on “Is Glenn from The Walking Dead Shortround from Indiana Jones?

  1. Changmin says:

    lol thats what i thought…

  2. Sly's says:

    Holy Moly looks just like him

  3. Data from StarTrek? Is that the Data you speak of? If so, he did not play Data.

  4. Karson says:

    He’s veterinarian not a doctor

  5. Cool wondered what happened to the kid who played short round. Thanks for clearing that up! !!!””

  6. Christina Whitehead says:

    I knew it could not be, otherwise, Asians really DO age well! lmao. and that my friends, is how I ended up on this feed ha ha. call me Nancy Drew…..she old too! lmao!

  7. Rafael says:

    But the reference is right, right? It was intended that he uses the same hat and sort of clothes, right?

  8. Angie says:

    Oh my gosh people do some google searching. These are two separate people with a 12 year age difference!

  9. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this blog.

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